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1.7.2 Membership Terms and Conditions

When completing the membership application form and ticking the Terms and Conditions Box on the application form you will acknowledge that you agree with the Terms and Conditions of the membership subscription.


Any injury,  physical condition or financial loss established from following drills, instructions or advice on this Basketball Crazy Website or skills posters will not be the responsibility of the business, directors or employees of Basketball Crazy. Any person following the drills, instructions or advice on the Basketball Crazy Website or skills posters will do so at their own risk.  Through becoming a financial member of the Basketball Crazy Website you acknowledge that you accept all risk and liability associated with following the drills, instructions or advice. 


Basketball Crazy is adequately insured to cover any claims made against Basketball Crazy and it's Directors and Officers.


Personal Membership only.  Any attempt to share passwords to enable second or third parties to access the Membership Section of the Basketball Crazy website is strictly forbidden and may lead to cancellation of your membership. Any diliberate attempt to duplicate and share information without authorization is in breach of copyright laws and will likely lead to prosecution.

Copy Right

Information set out in Basketball Crazy's website including lay-outs and art works are the property of Basketball Crazy.  Any person, member or company found duplicating this information, lay-out or art works without prior written permission from Basketball Crazy will incur legal action taken by Basketball Crazy for breach of copyright.

Members Rights to Use Website Information

The information set out on the Basketball Crazy Website can be used to improve the member's knowledge, skills and fitness.  To obtain this benefit, there will be a need from time to time to print off information for that personal use.  The information obtained must be for personal use and not at anytime duplicated to be used by others.  To pass onto others would breach copy right.


Any future purchases will require a shipping address when membership applications are completed.  The shipping address can however, be filled in at a later date when and if you wish to make a purchase.

Shipping/Delivery Costs

Any person purchasing goods and services from Basketball Crazy that require delivery will be required to pay all costs of shipping/delivery.

Fees & Charges

Membership Subscriptions Fee

The annual subscription for a six month period is AUD $27.50 Including Goods and Services Tax.  The Subscription period is 6 months from the date of the reciept of payment.  This membership subscription does not cover immediate family members including Parents/Guardians and siblings.  Each application will recognise one membership access for one email address submitted and supplied with Username and Password.

International Fees

International Membership Subscription Fees paid outside of Australia are set at AUD $27.50 No Tax 


Australian Membership fees include Goods and Services Tax which is currently 10%

International Fees Paid (Outside of Australia)

Any person paying the Administration and Membership Subscription fees that resides outside of Australia, will be subjected to current foreign monetary exchange according to the value of the Australian Dollar at the time of purchase.  All fees are advertised on this Basketball Crazy website in Australian Dollars AUD.

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