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"Basketball Crazy Lingo"

Basketball Crazy's  E-Newsletter - Issue 5 - March 2010

Welcome to Basketball Crazy’s monthly “Basketball Crazy Lingo” newsletter. Due to popular request, the previous name  "In Your Face" has been changed.  This issue is extremely exciting with a great interview with a world renown player and many new drills and plays to speak of.  There is a new segment called, "The Editors Desk" where the editor makes a comment on a current issue facing basketball.  This Newsletter provides specific information about the Basketball Crazy Website and to offer something thought provoking to those readers that are keen to develop aspects of their game as a player, coach, referee or administrator. 

Standard Newsletter Content:
Basketball Crazy hopes you enjoy this March "Basketball Crazy Lingo" Newsletter Edition

The Editor's Desk

With the change of season from Summer to Winter happening all over Australia, we see the results of the national leagues come to an end with  Perth Wildcats NBL Champions and the Canberra Capitals WNBL Champions.  Congratulations to all four teams in the grandfinals in what was arguably the best display of men's and women's basketball ever seen in Australia.  Both grandfinals were sold out and broadcasted live on radio and television.  This has got to mean great things for Aussie basketball in the future particularly with the world championships coming up soon.

There is very much a female theme to this issue of the Basketball Crazy Tymes.  The Opal's are looking in great shape with the announcement of the squad with a great blend of experience including Tully Bevilaqua (38) and Kristy Harrower (35) with some exciting youngsters in Elizabeth Cambage (19) and Mariana Tolo (21).  Coach Carrie Graff and support staff are going to have a huge problem (a good one) trying to select amongst the talent listed from resident Australian players and those Aussies playing in the US and Europe.  The Opal's Squad List

There are a number of young Aussies that made it through to Mad March in the USA NCAA College system and we wish them luck as they fight from Conference Championships to Regional Championships and hopefully through to the Final NCAA Championships.  You can see how each of the Aussie players have gone by visiting there respective teams using the the following link.

A list of current Aussies playing in USA

A number of the Aussie player's teams made the conference championships in the first week of March and some are still playing late March in regional conference championships.  Good luck to those players still involved with Mad March.

To stay on the Opal's theme, it is exciting to have one of the most recognised female basketball players in the world and yes she is an Aussie.  It is simply amazing what Tully Beilaqua has acheived in her basketball career so far and gives us Aussies someone to be extremely proud of.  See our monthly interview section below for Tully's interview.

Other points of interest in this issue include the Website extracts "Triangle Offence", what is new on the Basketball Crazy website  and points of interest aroudn the world.

I hope you enjoy this months issue of Basketball Crazy Tymes

Editor (The Axeman)

Monthly Interview

Interview With Tully Bevilaqua
(Arguably one of the most successful Aussie Players)

Basketball Crazy interviewed high profile Tully Bevilaqua with a view to provoke thinking towards solutions for issues currently facing Australian basketball.  Tully is a huge inspiration to young Aussie basketballers and it is great that Tully took some time to answer some questions.  Tully also talks about her experience in the WNBA.

Tully Bevilaqua's Interview   (Click Here)

Previous Interviews (Click Here)

Feature Website Chapter Extracts for March

The following chapter extracts are from the key development areas of the Basketball Crazy Website:

Chapter 2 Coaching Development

This month, Basketball Crazy takes a close look at the Triangle Offence that has been so successfull in USA College and NBA. Offence - 1-2-2 (Triangle Principles)

History of the Triangle

Triangle offensive principles has been a associated with many successful basketball programs including Southern California, Kansas State and in particular well used by well known coach Phil Jackson with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angelos Lakers in the NBA.  Other female colleges successes using the triangle include Connecticut Lady Huskies and Tennessee Lady Vols.


This offence requires good post players in the 4 and 5 positions and above average extended range shooters and dribble penetrators in the 1, 2 & 3 positions.

Basic Triangle Positioning

The offence gets it's name from the interaction between three key locations on the court forming and interactive triangle.  These key positions are the trigger position (wing), post position (side of keyway) and the extended base position (base three-point line)

Trigger Position
This position currently held be O3, is the position that most influences the plays that are established from the triangle set up and is the player positioned at the wing or 45 position.

Post Position
The Post position currently held by O5 has an important role to play in the Triangle offence and must be well skilled in post moves and screening.  The post can be high, mid or low post.  Most coaches seem to prefer the play opportunities set up from the low post position but this can vary

Extended Base Position
This base position is currently held by O1 generally played by a good shooter and post feed passer.

Initial Set-Up & Transition The initial set-up is a 1-2-2 formation which can be easily establish during the full court transition.  The Triangle Offence can also be established from the Horns 1-4 set-up.

  Set-Up 1-2-2
O1 takes the point position, O2 & O3 cut to the low post positions and O4 & O5 take the two elbow positions.

Initial Play
O4 & O5 simultaneously move low to set picks in the low post position

O2 & O3 cut back to set up their defensive players then break off the screens set by O4 & O5O1 will be looking to make a pass to either O2 or O3 in the 45 or trigger position.

Once O1 has made the first entry pass, (in this case to O3), O1 cuts through the keyway to establish the third point of the triangle at the extended base position.

Plays & Options
From the Triangle position, there are numerous set plays that can be triggered with most of them being triggered by what action O3 will take.  Generally from the triangle set-up, there is an interactive 3 on 3 game happening with the ball moving inside to the post and back out to the perimeter players and various screens to free up the offence.

Chapter 3 – Player Development
This chapter covers all the skills and attributes of becoming an all-round basketball player. There is excellent information and illustrations on player passing and dribbling skills, player shooting skills and player stance & movement.

Examples of the illustrations



Basketball Crazy Products and Services

For those new Newsletter Subscribers, the Basketball Crazy Website  which has over 600 web pages of general information about basketball. Membership Subscription; For the cost of a basketball book @ $27.50, you can have a six-months subscription to the website including a wealth of information about basketball with the added bonus that this website will continue to develop everyday.  This is just the start!!

What Is New Through March?
The following new webpages have been added in March to the Basketball Carzy Website:
  • Various Drills: The following passing drills have been added to Chapter 5 Drills & Conditioning:
    • 5.5.5 Shooting - Half Court (Guard Two Line Drill Series - 7 Different Drills)
    • 5.11.6 Passing - Half Court (Passing Circle)
    • 5.11.103 Passing - Full Court (Long Passes)
    Last Month February -
    • 5.3 Ball Handling - Touch (18 Ball Handling Drills 101-119)
    • 5.4 Ball Handling - Dribble (36 Ball Handling Drills 151-169 & 201-219)

For Example, Click on the following pictures:


  • New Book Reviews: Basketball Crazy hopes to encourage players and coaches to read and place positive information into their thinking and approach to the game.  If you place good stuff into your head then you will receive good stuff coming out.  By reading about successful people you too can emulate and learn from the best.                                                                                                                                                                                     This book review has been added to Chapter 6 Psychology & Motivation 
    •  The Andrew Gaze Story - A Kid, A Ball, A Dream

The World Of Basketball - Things You Might Find Interesting

Some of the best crazy basketball shots ever made: (Click Here)

Some crazy basketball antics: (Click Here)

Handles on Handles - Great ball handling - (Superhandles)

Much More To Come
Help us help you. The more people that become involved with Basketball Crazy, the more development and resources will become available. Part proceeds from the website, products and services will go towards future development of services and resources to benefit basketball including support for those clubs and associations that create the greatest interest in our website. Basketball Crazy is also interested in receiving basketball stories and items of interest from readers.

Please forward this newsletter onto coaches, team mates, family and friends and allow them to benefit as well.

Your feedback is most welcome: Contact Us

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