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"Basketball Crazy Lingo"

Basketball Crazy's  E-Newsletter - Issue 6 - April 2010

Welcome to Basketball Crazy’s monthly “Basketball Crazy Lingo” newsletter.  This issue is extremely exciting with a great interview with a National, International and NBL Coach and many new body movement drills and baseline plays to speak of.  This Newsletter provides specific information about the Basketball Crazy Website and to offer something thought provoking to those readers that are keen to develop aspects of their game as a player, coach, referee or administrator. 

Standard Newsletter Content:
Basketball Crazy hopes you enjoy this April "Basketball Crazy Lingo" Newsletter Edition

The Editor's Desk

April has been a good month for both National and International Aussie basketball.  I am particularly proud of the fact the Aussie Emus U19s won gold in the Albert Schweitzer Tournament in Germany and every team was tough including Germany U18s and USA, congatulations to the Emus.  I am also proud to see another female Aussie being drafted into the WNBA being  Brigitte Ardossi   (Draft Page) drafted with the 21st pick to the Atlanta Dream, well done Brigitte and Tegan Cunningham  must have been unlucky not to get drafted after 16.7 points per game at Oklahoma State in her senior year.

On the Europe basketball front, Aussie stallward Matt Nielsen must have all-but secured his spot in the Boomers 2010 World Championship team by being awarded the Eurocup finals MVP and seeing his team win the Eurocup 2010 Final.

On a more local front, the National U18 Championships concluded in April with NSW Metro taking out the Men's and Vic Metro winning the Ladies.  There is nothing really new there, but a few honourable mentions must go the Tasmania Women and WA Country Men both finishing 6th overall.  Both teams had some great wins to finish above expectations.

There was an interesting documentary on television recently about Great Britian's efforts to secure Australia's best coaches which is having huge benifits for their athletes and which will likely lead to an outstanding medal tally for the home team Great Britain.  This drain of coaching staff includes my good friend Murray Treseder who is the Great Britain's Mens Head Wheelchair basketball coach.  Don't be surprised to see Great Britain's mens wheelchair team win a medal if not gold with Murray at the helm.  It is a shame that the Australian Govenment can not be as proactive about the need to secure coaching staff and providing Aussie athletes with more local opportunities with many coaches and players having to secure their own funding and/or pursue careers overseas.  Whilst the Australian senior and junior representative teams are doing well on the international seen, many of the coaches and next level down coaches are committing their time without much financial support. 

I questioned  Kevin Rudd's approach recently about how much the Federal Govenment wishes to spend on Health with the debate with the States to take over the whole Health infrastructure and funding.  A more proactive approach to solving future Health problems is to invest more funds into general participation, organised domestic and elite sport and increasing support for much needed coaching expertise.  Which generally comes first being healthy or being sick???  Keeping people more active and involved with sport and recreation will lead to less people being sick.  It is not rocket science!

I hope you enjoy this months issue of Basketball Crazy Lingo

Editor (The Axeman)

Monthly Interview

Interview With Robert Beveridge

Basketball Crazy interviewed Robert Beveridge with a view to provoke thinking towards solutions for issues currently facing Australian basketball.  Bevo is a huge inspiration to Aussie coaches and it is great that Bevo took some time to answer some questions.  Bevo also talks about his international experience.

Robert Beveridge's Interview   (Click Here)

Previous Interviews (Click Here)

Feature Website Chapter Extracts for April
The following chapter extracts are from the key development areas of the Basketball Crazy Website:

Chapter 5 Coaching Development

Many coaches get caught up in drilling the core skills of basketball including shooting, dribbling and passing but fail to improve their player's overall basketball game.  Basketball Crazy has looked at the other aspects of a player's game and provided basic drills for Running, Change of Direction, Stopping & Starting, Jumping, Shuffling or Slidding, Pivoting and Closing out.  The following drills are entry level but can be made hard bay making the drill competitive by timing or increasing the intensity.  The drills below are available to members of Basketball Crazy.

5.2 Body Movement Drills

5.2.1   Running Increase Fitness - Suicide Increase Fitness - 16 Cross Court Increase Fitness - 10 Second x 3 Cross Courts Increase Strength - Power Run
5.2.2   Change Direction (See 3.3.1 Body Balance - Without the Ball) Team - 4 lines (Example of Drill) Change of Direction - 4 Lines

Four lines of players are set up on the baseline with 2 or three in each line.

The drill commences with the coach's whistle and the players commence running slightly to the right side of the court.  Each time the coach's whistle sounds the players step off their outside foot changing to the new opposite direction.  The movement should form a zig-zag pattern down the court.  When changing direction, players should use the outside foot to push off hard into the new direction.

W = Whistle 

5.2.3   Starting& Stopping Stopping - Jump Stop  (See 3.3.1 Body Balance - Without the Ball) Stopping - Stride Stop
(See 3.3.1 Body Balance - Without the Ball)
5.2.4   Jumping Increase Range - Staircase Increase Range - Wall Chalking Increase Range - Low Hurdle Jumps

5.2.5   Shuffling or Slidding (see 3.3.5 Defensive Stance) Improve Technique - Team 3-lines

5.2.6   Pivoting (See 3.3.3 Pivoting Definition) & (3.3.4 Types of Pivots) Increase Confidence -
5.2.9   Closing Out Improve technique - (2 Line Drill)
Othe Website Chapter's to consider

Chapter 3 – Player Development
This chapter covers all the skills and attributes of becoming an all-round basketball player. There is excellent information and illustrations on player passing and dribbling skills, player shooting skills and player stance & movement.

Examples of the illustrations


Basketball Crazy Products and Services

For those new Newsletter Subscribers, the Basketball Crazy Website  which has over 600 web pages of general information about basketball. Membership Subscription; For the cost of a basketball book @ $27.50, you can have a six-months subscription to the website including a wealth of information about basketball with the added bonus that this website will continue to develop everyday.  This is just the start!!

What Is New Through April?
The following new webpages have been added in April to the Basketball Carzy Website:
  • Various Drills: The following passing drills have been added to Chapter 5 Drills & Conditioning:
    • 5.5.1 Running
      • Increase Fitness - Suicide
      • Increase Fitness - 16 Cross Court
      • Increase Fitness - 10 Second x 3 Cross Court
    • 5.2.2 Change of Direction
      • Team Drill - 4 lines
    • 5.2.3 Starting & Stopping
      • Stopping - Jump Stop
      • Stopping - Stride Stop
    • 5.2.4 Jumping
      • Increase Range - Staircase
      • Increase Range - Wall Chalking
      • Increase Range - Low Hurdle Jump
    • 5.2.5 Shuffling & Sliding
      • Improve Technique - 3-Line Team drill
    • 5.2.6 Pivoting
      • Increase Pivoting Confidence
    • 5.2.7 Closing Out
      • Improve Close-out Technique - 2-Line Drill
  • New Book Reviews: Basketball Crazy hopes to encourage players and coaches to read and place positive information into their thinking and approach to the game.  If you place good stuff into your head then you will receive good stuff coming out.  By reading about successful people you too can emulate and learn from the best.                                                                                            This book review has been added to Chapter 6 Psychology & Motivation 
    •  Cathy Freeman - Her Own Story
  • From a Previous Month -
    • 5.3 Ball Handling - Touch (18 Ball Handling Drills 101-119)
    • 5.4 Ball Handling - Dribble (36 Ball Handling Drills 151-169 & 201-219)

For Example, Click on the following pictures:



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Much More To Come
Help us help you. The more people that become involved with Basketball Crazy, the more development and resources will become available. Part proceeds from the website, products and services will go towards future development of services and resources to benefit basketball including support for those clubs and associations that create the greatest interest in our website. Basketball Crazy is also interested in receiving basketball stories and items of interest from readers.

Please forward this newsletter onto coaches, team mates, family and friends and allow them to benefit as well.

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