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"Basketball Crazy Lingo"

Basketball Crazy's  E-Newsletter - Issue 8 - June 2010

Welcome to Basketball Crazy’s monthly “Basketball Crazy Lingo” newsletter.  This newsletter includes an  interview with a well respected Health Professional who has had a long association with basketball.  The interview gives a fascinating look at a fast developing trend towards using Occupational Therapy for injury recovery.  This Newsletter provides specific information about the Basketball Crazy Website and to offer something thought provoking to those readers that are keen to develop aspects of their game as a player, coach, referee or administrator. 

Standard Newsletter Content:
Basketball Crazy hopes you enjoy this June "Basketball Crazy Lingo" Newsletter Edition

The Editor's Desk

Our player interview last month was with Mark Worthington and it is great to see his success continue with his German Team Bamberg successfully winning the BBL Finals in Germany. Another Aussie Aleks Maric also played a major role  for his team in the Serbian League.  Further details can be found on the BA Website.  Congratulations to both Mark and Aleks. 

The NAB season is finished with a fantastic championship series between the Celtics and the Lakers with the Lakers winning the seventh game by 2 points.  Some amazing basketball.

Good luck to the U17 Aussie men's team have have now departed for the World Champs beginning in early July.  It will be interesting to see some of 
Australia's best young talent up against the rest of the world.

Coming up on the 3rd July we have the best Under 16 Talent in Australia all participating in the U/16 National Junior Championships held in Logan Queensland.  I look forward to seeing the results and if there will be any big upsets between the various men's and women's games.  You can follow the results on the
BA National Championships Website.

I hope you enjoy this months issue of Basketball Crazy Lingo

Editor (The Axeman)

Monthly Interview

Interview With Brett Zani

Basketball Crazy interviewed Occupational Therapist Brett Zani with a view to provoke thinking towards issues facing athletes regarding injuries and rehabilitation.  Brett is no stranger to basketball being a successful elite player both at junior and senior levels and he is still enjoying his basketball both on and off the court.  Brett provides an explanation on how occupational therapy is achieving huge results in both injury prevention and rehabilitation.  We hope you enjoy the interview.

Brett Zani's Interview   (Click Here)

Previous Interviews (Click Here)

Feature Website Chapter Extracts for June
The following chapter extracts are from the key development areas of the Basketball Crazy Website:

Chapter 3 Player Development

3.2 Player Shooting Skills

Shooting is the most loved skill of the sport of basketball with all players wishing to become talented shooters.  Basketball Crazy explores the many skills of shooting and has seven fairly comprehensive web pages of information to help players learn the skill or for coaches to understand the skill so they can teach their players.  Some coaches define shooting as an art and great shooters could be described as artists of this skill.  Shooting legends like Larry Bird (Boston Celtics) do not have a great text book shoot however put in so much time practicing their shot in the gym that he turned his shot into the most lethal weapon in the NBA at the time.  Whilst Basketball Crazy highlights the many text book techniques of shooting, please understand that many of the worlds best shooters do not necessarily demonstrate all of the shooting text book techniques.  What is well known is that a poor technique with a huge amount of practice will often out-shoot a good technique with a small amount of practice.  Ideally Basketball Crazy recommends a text book technique with a huge amount of practice. 

How Much Should I Practice My Shooting
Players should consider the following:  1% Shooting Rule:  If a player's goal is to score 10 points in their weekly game, then the player should dividing 10 points by 1% = 1000.  This is how many shots should be taken in individual training session between games.  Ideally this would be 333 shots x 3 individual sessions per week.  Obviously, players wanting to score more points need to practice more. (i.e. 20 points / 1% = 2000 shots or 666 x 3 individual sessions) 

What To Practice
Many junior players are seen down the courts practicing their shooting with many of the shots taken are from long range or three point line.  Whilst this will help build long range, it does not necessarily quickly develop accuracy.  Basketball Crazy recommends in the first instant to become a successful high percentage shooter close to the basket and then move your range out once you have reached a satisfactory high percentage rate close to the basket.

The following sub-chapters outline a number of techniques commonly described in most text books.


3.2.1  Freethrow Shooting
3.2.2  Lay Up Shooting
3.2.3  Types of Lay Ups

3.2.4  Shooting General

3.2.5  Shooting Follow-Through

3.2.6  Energise Your Shot

3.2.7  Individual Shooting Check

Other Website Illustrations to consider

Examples of the illustrations


Basketball Crazy Products and Services

For those new Newsletter Subscribers, the Basketball Crazy Website  which has over 600 web pages of general information about basketball. Membership Subscription; For the cost of a basketball book @ $27.50, you can have a six-months subscription to the website including a wealth of information about basketball with the added bonus that this website will continue to develop everyday.  This is just the start!!

What Is New Through June?
The following new webpages have been added in June to the Basketball Crazy Website: