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"Basketball Crazy Lingo"

Basketball Crazy's  E-Newsletter - Issue 11 - September 2010


Welcome to Basketball Crazy’s monthly “Basketball Crazy Lingo” newsletter.  This newsletter has a slight focus on the management of basketball associations and stadiums with an interview with a General Manager responsible for managing Australia's biggest basketball association with over 1,000 domestic teams now playing in three basketball stadiums in Victoria.  Furthermore, this Newsletter provides specific information about the Basketball Crazy Website and to offer readers something thought provoking to those readers that are keen to develop aspects of their game as a player, coach, referee or administrator. 

Standard Newsletter Content:
Basketball Crazy hopes you enjoy this September "Basketball Crazy Lingo" Newsletter Edition

The Editor's Desk

Another winter basketball season has come to an end and the NBL & WNBL now look to become the emphasis of the new summer season.  The Australian Opals are currently in their World Championship Title defence at the Czech Republic 2010  Women's World Championships.   The Opals have had a great start winning their first four games.  The Boomers have managed to improve their World Ranking to 10th with a reasonable result at the Men's World Championships  which recently concluded in Turkey.  FIBA recently set the Boomers ranking as 9th.  Check out some great "Plays of the Day" for the World Championships. 

It is a shame there is no basketball on in this Commonwealth Games where we would likely see the Boomers and Opals clean up again. 

Well done to the Under 19 National Teams with the Gems and the Emus both qualified for the FIBA Junior World Championships in 2011 after a successful campaign against New Zealand.

Basketball Crazy decided to look into the life of a General Manager of one of Australia's largest Basketball Associations and found the interview very interesting regarding the role the General Manager has and how the Association administrates basketball across more than one stadium.

There has been a number of basketball team shooting drills added to the website which will help develop various skills including inside-outside shooting using a post player to distribute the ball.  These drills encourage perimeter players to pass and relocate or place themselves in a good receivers spot ready to receive and pass back out from the post.

I hope you enjoy this months issue of Basketball Crazy Lingo

Editor (The Axeman)

Monthly Interview

Interview With Grant Wallace

Basketball Crazy has found another well respected person who is crazy enough to dedicate themselves to live in and around basketball for most of their life so far.  Grant has built a career in basketball through administrating and running basketball stadiums and other community facilities and is now in one of the toughest full time basketball jobs, managing arguably the biggest basketball association in Australia being Kilsyth and Mountain District Basketball Association in Victoria.  Grant has also been and elite basketball player and been assistant coach having played and been assistant coach at the NBL level and played and coached at the SEABL level.

We hope you enjoy the interview.

Grant Wallace's Interview   (Click Here)

Previous Interviews (Click Here)

Feature Extract Of Website

Chapter (6) Psychology & Motivation

The following web page is the formal introduction for visitors to the Basketball Crazy Website:

6.5 Outside Influences (Finding A Balance)

Why do so many highly skilled and extremely fit basketball players not make it to the very elite levels of the sport?

Answer: It is not good enough for the sport of basketball to just  focus on skills and fitness, there are many outside influences that have a huge effect on athletes and unless parents, coaches and basketball administrators provide support in other life challenges, many more elite athletes will fall away from basketball.

Having the necessary skills and/or fitness level to compete, plus the desire to perform at your best consistently is often not enough. to become an elite athlete  There are many factors which will at various times affect your performance on the court and must be given some considered and assistance where necessary.  Some of these factors are stated below and must be consider in your preparation and overall weekly development program. 

What can be done to avoid the loss of or influence to athletes?

In order for players to be in the best possible shape to maintain the high energy levels needed for strenuous training sessions and game play, the basketball community must ensure the following factors are being well considered and resources applied to minimising any possible negative influence on an athlete.

Each subject item listed below, gives Basketball Crazy Members the opportunity think about how the subject can effect them and by giving each item some consideration, players and coaches can put the subject in perspective and prioritise where the subject matter sits whilst they proceed with developing their basketball career.  Coaches and Parents must discuss these subject items with basketball athletes because many young athletes are exposed to the subject and more likely, not counciled on how to deal with the situation.  By taking proactive action, basketball athletes will more likely take an appropriate action that sees them continue with and develop their basketball career.

  • 6.5.1    Peer Pressure
  • 6.5.2    Social Life
  • 6.5.3    Education
  • 6.5.4    Family Commitments
  • 6.5.5    Working Commitments
  • 6.5.6    Smoking
  • 6.5.7    Alcohol
  • 6.5.8    Recreational Drugs
  • 6.5.9    Performance Enhancing Drugs
  • 6.5.10  Physical and Verbal Abuse
  • 6.5.11  Lack of Funding

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What Is New Through September?
The following new webpages have been added in September to the Basketball Crazy Website:
Assessment:  The following drills have been added to  Chapter 5 Drills & Conditioning


The World Of Basketball - Things You Might Find Interesting

Much More To Come

Help us help you! The more people that become involved with Basketball Crazy, the more development and resources will become available. Part proceeds from the website, products and services will go towards future development of services and resources to benefit basketball including support for those clubs and associations that create the greatest interest in our website. Basketball Crazy is also interested in receiving basketball stories and items of interest from readers.

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