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"Basketball Crazy Lingo"

Basketball Crazy's  E-Newsletter - Issue 13 - Summer Edition
November-December 2010 & January 2011


Welcome to Basketball Crazy’s monthly “Basketball Crazy Lingo” newsletter.  This newsletter edition is covering the summer period because the editor is overseas for December, January on holidays and performing some basketball research for future editions as well as developing the website.  I apologise in advance for not being able to send out newsletters for December and January however every effort will be made to continue to offer new development tools to readers and members.  This newsletter has a slight focus on referees and scorebench officials with a great interview with a well respected referee and score bench offical.  Furthermore, this Newsletter provides specific information about the Basketball Crazy Website and to offer readers something thought provoking to those readers that are keen to develop aspects of their game as a player, coach, referee or administrator.

Standard Newsletter Content:
Basketball Crazy hopes you enjoy this November "Basketball Crazy Lingo" Newsletter Edition

The Editor's Desk

Congratulations to Basketball Australia and staff for securing an additional $500,000 of federal funding out of the Federal Government for basketball.  It is about time that the Federal Government started to see the positive impact basketball has in Australian sport given it's popularity and also the fact Australia is ranked 3 out of 213 countries, Well Done!  Announcement From BA.  

Also congratulations must go to those Australians that have contributed to keep the NBL alive and well.  Already there has been good crowds at games and some great basketball to watch.  Hopefully we will see the NBL grow further to emulate the support and publicity generated throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Well done to get games back onto free to air TV :-)

We must also congratulate the ABC on their wonderful coverage of the WNBL.  Again there has already been some very memorable close and exciting games to watch.  It was also great to see over 1,000 spectators at the Waves game in WA.   Also great to see Tully back playing in her home state. The men's and women's National leagues appear to be bigger and better and all looks good for the future.

I hope you enjoy this summer issue of Basketball Crazy Lingo

Editor (The Axeman)

Monthly Interview

Interview With Carolyn Ngan

When you read this interview, you can certainly see that basketball is a game for everyone.  Basketball Crazy has found another who is crazy enough to invest significant time in and around basketball for a large part of their life so far.  Carolyn has had the privilege of attending and participating in numerous elite basketball games both mens & women's games, at all levels including Olympics, National Basketball League, Women's National Basketball League, State Basketball League and is very comfortable as well participating in Junior State Leagues.  Carolyn is a  Level 4 accredited scorebench official and arguably one of Australia's finest.  Carolyn has also instructed countless training sessions for parents and other people interested in learning how to score.

By hearing Carolyn's story so far, Basketball Crazy certainly acknowledges there are some very hard working dedicated people involved with this great game and we appreciate their commitment.  Basketball Crazy is sure you will enjoy our interview with Carolyn.

Carolyn's Interview   (Click Here)

Previous Interviews (Click Here)

Feature Of Website
Each month, a page of the Website is featured in the Basketball Crazy Lingo with a view to give readers some visual of what type of information is available should you become a subscribed member.  This issue features the webpage on how to use a white board when coaching. ACCEPTABLE Team Values

Does your team have ACCEPTABLE Team Values? 

Do you have the following values, aspects and traits in your team? 

If not then your team needs to get together and discuss what values are acceptable.  The word ACCEPTABLE is an acronym for the following values that you should consider for your team:


1. Attitude - A position, disposition, or manner with regard to a person or thing - Your team needs to have respect and that can come from having the right attitude.  The team needs an agreed attitude towards the team, coach, referee's, officials, opponents, training, sportsmanship and the game in general.

2. Commitment - To do; perform; perpetrate. To bind by pledge or assurance - You are either part of the team and program or you are not.  The team and individual players need to agree on many things including, goals to be attained, attitude towards the game, role each one will play, etc. There is no room in the team for players who are not committed.

3. Communication  - The transferring of information between a person and another person/s - A team that can not transfer information between each team member will struggle to become cohesive and therefore would be in-effective.  All training sessions must focus on building communications skills to ensure natural communication occurs whilst in a game situation.

4. Effort - Exertion of power, physical or mental - A player or team will continue to reap rewards if an appropriate amount of effort is given.  Team offences, defences and specialised plays will become ineffective if the appropriate amount of effort is not given when required. 

5. Persistence - To continue steadily or firmly in some state, purpose, course of action in spite of opposition - If your team at first does not succeed then try and try again.  Many games are won or lost when one team stops persisting against heavy pressure.  Elite players need to learn how to play under heavy fatigue because basketball games are often won at the end of the game when every player is feeling fatigued.

6. Trust - Confidence and reliance on the integrity, justice etc of a person - Team mates need to have trust and confidence in each other and rely on each player following team plays, playing the roles required of each player and backing each other up when required.

7. Association - An organisation of people with a common purpose and having a formal structure - The team and players need to have a common purpose and formal structure.  This occurs when teams meetings set goals, agree on there attitude and commitment required.  Further individual meetings allow players to understand how they contribute to the team and associate with other players.

8. Better - Of superior quality, excellence, value, use, fitness, desirability and acceptableness - Both the team and individual players have to continue to become better.  For teams to win they have to be better than the opposition.  For players to win a spot on the team they have to be better, train better and have better fitness.  There is always a team or player out there training to become better than you or your team.

9. Loyalty - Faithful to one's oath, engagements or obligations - When your team makes commitments to goals and the process on how to achieve those goals, each player is expected to stay loyal to the team and the commitment made.

10. Elite Integrity - Soundness of moral principle and character; uprightness; honesty - If a team wants the highest respect then the team must show elite integrity and not just some integrity.  Establish a high level of moral character in your team minimising any questioning of referees or officials and show the highest level of sportsmanship.

If you can make ten points count in your team then you will have an ACCEPTABLE Team.


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