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5.3 Ball Handling - Touch

Any player or coach must introduce regular ball handling drills into their program to maximise skills and confidence while handling the ball.  Basketball Crazy Members can now access over 50 different ball handling drills outlined in section 5.3 Ball Handling for Touch and 5.4 Ball Handling for Dribble.

Ball Handling for Touch

5.3.101   Finger Tip Control
5.3.102   Single Leg Wrap-Arounds
5.3.103   Head, Waist & Leg Wrap-Arounds                
5.3.104   Double Leg Single Leg 
5.3.105   Figure Eight 
5.3.106   Rhythm Wrap 8/Bounce 
5.3.107   Blur – Alternative 
5.3.108   Blur – Double Hands 
5.3.109   Flip Catch  

5.3.111   Over The Shoulder Catch 
5.3.112   Finger Ball Spin 
5.3.113   Finger Ball Spin With Chest Roll 
5.3.114   Scissors Pass Between The Legs 
5.3.115   Step Pass Between The Legs – Forward 
5.3.116   Step Pass Between the Legs – Backwards 
5.3.117   One Ball Over The Top – Floor
5.3.118   One Ball Over The Top – Wall
5.3.119   Seated Dribble Over The Legs


Assessment Check Listings
Individual - 5.3.0 Individual Ballhandling For Touch Check
Team - 5.3.100 Coach's Skills Check For Players - Ballhandling For Touch Check