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5.4 Ball Handling - Dribble

Any player or coach must introduce regular ball handling drills into their program to maximise skills and confidence while handling the ball.  Basketball Crazy Members can now access over 50 different drills outlined in Section 5.3 Ball Handling for Touch and 5.4 Ball Handling for Dribble

Ball Handling for Dribble

5.4.151   Standard Dribble
5.4.152   Alternate Hands Dribble 
5.4.153   Continuous Dribbling
5.4.154   Slam Drill
5.4.155   Figure Eight
5.4.156   Spider Drill
5.4.157   Crossover Dribble Behind The Back  
5.4.158   Single Leg, Single Hand Dribble
5.4.159   East West, North South Dribble  


5.4.161   Fast Dribble Slow Feet
5.4.162   Slow Dribble Fast Feet
5.4.163   Forward Walk Between Leg Dribble
5.4.164   Backward Walk Between Leg Dribble
5.4.165   Figure 8 Forward and Backward Walk
5.4.166   Spider Drill Forward & Backward Walk 
5.4.167   Scissor Dribble Between The Legs
5.4.168   Forward Step, Back Step Dribble
5.4.169   Seated Crossover Under Legs 

Ball Handling for Dribble (Multiple Balls)

5.4.201   Two Balls Alternate Bounce
5.4.202   Two Balls Simultaneous Bounce           
5.4.203   Two Balls Alternate - Wall
5.4.204   Two Balls Simultaneous - Wall
5.4.205   Two Ball Bouncing Circle
5.4.206   East West – North South
5.4.207   Two Ball Figure 8
5.4.208   Three Balls - Two Hands
5.4.209   Four Balls - Two Hands  


5.4.211   Alternate Single Hand Single Leg
5.4.212   Two Balls Over The Top - Floor         
5.4.213   Two Balls Over The Top - Wall
5.4.214   Two Ball Juggle - Circle
5.4.215   Three Ball Huggle - Circle
5.4.216   Three Ball Juggle - Alternate                  
5.4.217   Bball/Tennis Ball Bounce/Catch
5.4.218   Bball/Tennis Ball - Change of Hands
5.4.219   Bball/Tennis Ball - Change of Direction


Assessing Check Listings
Individual - 5.4.0 Individual Ballhandling For Dribble Check
Team - 5.4.150 Coach's Skills Check For Players - Ballhandling For Dribble