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5 Drills & Conditioning

This Chapter is work in progress.  Sign up to our newsletter and you will receive notice each month of what new drills and pages have been established.

Currently this chapter includes reference to Basketball Crazy's Ball Handling Drills which shows in great detail ball handling for improved touch and ball handling for improved dribble.  There are over 50 well illustrated ball handling drills for members to practice or use to coach with.  There are a number of team drills now available in this section to improve the basic skills of passing, shooting, dribbling, rebounding and much more.  There is also the opportunity to request a personalised team and individual training program

Only Basketball Crazy Members can access the following chapters:

5.1    Covering Team and Player Skills

5.2   Team Body Movement & Conditioning Drills - (14)

5.3    Ball Handling - Touch - (18)

5.4   Ball Handling - Dribble - (36)

5.5   Team Drills - Shooting - (21) 

5.6    Flexibility  - Coming Soon - "Work in Progress"

5.7    Strength - Coming Soon - "Work in Progress"

5.8    Established Training Sessions - Coming Soon - "Work in Progress"

5.9    Request a Personal Training Session (same as 3.4.1)

5.10  Request a Team Training Session (same as 2.3.8)

5.11 Team Drills - Passing - (15) 

5.12 Team Drills - Dribbling - (1)

5.13 Team Drills - Rebounding - (3)

5.13  Increasing Individual Fitness Conditioning - Coming Soon "Work in Progress"


5.15  Fitness Testing - Coming Soon - "Work in Progress"

More drills coming soon