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6.10 Interviews By Basketball Crazy

Each month, Basketball Crazy attempts to interview a person that will provide thought provoking ideas and information that may lead to improvement in the basketball community from those who may read the interview transcript.  By having people provide past experience, personal ideas and information on how they would approach scenarios put to them, readers can form their own opinions and also learn how to solve problems that may be current for them.

Interviews Include:

6.10.1   Rebecca Mercer    - Perth Lynx - WNBL (and former Division 1 College Player)
6.10.2   Warren Kuhn          - Well Respected WA Full Time Coach (Acc Level 3)
6.10.3   Mick Downer          - Respected Assistant NBL Coach (Carins Taipans)
6.10.4   Tully Bevilaqua       - Aussie Opal and WNBA Player
6.10.5   Robert Beveridge   - NBL Championship Coach, Perth Wildcats
6.10.6   Mark Worthington   - NBL Championship, National and International Player
6.10.7   Brett Zani                - Occupational Therapist - Junior Nationals & SBL Player
6.10.8   Cory Richardson    - U/17 World Championship Player July 2010
6.10.9   Grant Wallace        - Former NBL/SEABL Player and Current GM -Kylsyth Basketball Assn Sept 2010
6.10.10 Patrick Hunt            - Applied Technical Advanced Coach at Australian Institute of Sport
6.10.11 Carolyn Ngan         - Level 4 Scoretable Official, Level 2 Referee