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6 Basketball Sports Psychology, Motivation & Nutrition 

This chapter includes vital information to keep players and coaches focused on developing the skills and fitness and also to be aware of what is possible in the sport of basketball.  The information includes; player and coach career paths, mental preparation for success in players and coaches, outside Influences on players and coaches, information on basic nutrition,  and motivation material.   There are numerous book reviews showing some of the best motivational books available to athletes. 

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6.1    Player's Career Path

6.2   Mental Preparation For Success - Players

6.3    Coach's Career Path

6.4   Mental Preparation For Success - Coaches

6.5    Outside Influences (Finding The Balance)   

6.6    Nutrition

6.7    Motivation

6.8    Sports Psychology   Work in Progress

6.9    Life/Career Coaching  Work in Progress

6.10  Interviews By Basketball Crazy

6.11  Mentoring Work in Progress