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7 Player Opportunities

This chapter provides information on the many opportunities that can be considered by basketball players.  There is a substantial  subchapter on North American College Scholarships including what is required to obtain one and things the consider if offered a scholarship. 

Work in Progress: The rest of this chapter is a work in progress and every time there is an upgrade, notification will be given in our monthly newsletter.

This chapter will evenutally provide information on the many opportunities that can be considered by basketball players. This information includes; the location of basketball Associations, local Private Coaches, specialist basketball High School scholarships, Intensive Training Clinic Scholarship, Australian Institute of Sport Scholarship, College Scholarship, Basketball Crazy resources.

If you would like your coaching services, basketball association, specialist school or other services listed in the below sub-chapters, please contact us: Email; admin@basketballcrazy.com.au

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7.1 The Local Basketball Association Work in Progress
7.2 The Local Private Coaches  Work in Progress
7.3 Specialist Basketball High School Scholarship  Work in Progress
7.4 Intensive Training Clinic Scholarship Work in Progress
7.5 Australian Institute of Sport Scholarship Work in Progress
7.6 College Scholarship 
7.7 Basketball Crazy Clinics Work in Progress
7.8 Basketball Crazy Scholarship Work in Progress