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In Your Face

Basketball Crazy's  E-Newsletter - Issue 1 - November 2009

Welcome to Basketball Crazy’s first monthly “In Your Face” newsletter. This newsletter is to highlight the specific information about the Basketball Crazy Website and to offer something thought provoking to those readers that are keen to develop aspects of their game as a player, coach, referee or administrator.

What Are We Crazy About
“Raising the standard of basketball in Australia”. This statement is not to say that Australian basketball is at a poor standard by any stretch. Australian international results speak for themselves and have been very impressive with many fantastic results include the Women “Opals” being current world champions and the junior age teams achieving a great deal of success as well. Basketball Crazy attempts to provide resources and information to the grass roots of basketball to increase involvement in the sport and fast track the development of those who choose to be involved with basketball. Basketball Crazy hopes we can help you in some way.

Our Website Launch
The Basketball Crazy Website  has now been launched with hundreds of web pages of general information about basketball. For the cost of a basketball book from the book store $27.50, you can now get a wealth of information about basketball with the added bonus that this website will continue to develop everyday.  This is just the start!! There will be no end to the development of this resource with additional information being put into ongoing development that will see the website establish whole new chapters of relevant information. It has taken a great deal of time and effort to establish the current pages to a point that will provide some interest and benefit to people to entice them to become members.

The current information is relevant to players, parents and coaches however the future information will expand to referees, bench officials, medical information, sports administration and facility management. Please be aware that there are still subjects that are not finished and are a work in progress. This monthly newsletter will provide you information of what the latest updated and new web pages are.

Some Of The Current Features
The following chapters along with many others may create initial interest for you:

Chapter 2 – Coaching Development
This chapter provides some different views on coaching philosophy and ideas on how a coach can develop their skills including; the makings of a coach, game coaching skills, training session programming and techniques, defensive development, offensive development, established offensive plays, established defensive plays, and a breakdown of the Basketball Australia's Core Curriculum

Example of the illustrations

Chapter 3 – Player Development
This chapter covers all the skills and attributes of becoming an all-round basketball player. There is excellent information and illustrations on player passing and dribbling skills, player shooting skills and player stance & movement.

Examples of the illustrations


Chapter 7 – Player Opportunities
Special feature of this chapter is 7.6 College Scholarship. You can learn more about what it takes to get into college and what you have to do to entice a college to make an offer.

A list of current Aussies playing in USA

College opportunities include:
National Collegiate Athletic Association - NCAA
National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics - NAIA
National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association - NJCAA
Basketball Crazy Forum
Opportunity to have your say on current basketball issues and any topic you would like to establish.
Current Topics Include:
Australian Basketball – Where to from here
Players Leaving Australia to Play OS
Basketball Crazy Website

Basketball Crazy Products and Services
The following products and services are now available for your consideration:
   Great Christmas Gifts
  • Basketball Crazy Skills Poster Set of Six - $28.05 plus Postage & Handling – These posters contain ball handling drills from basic to advanced and great to have for personal home use.  Have you got a basketball ring at home?  Add value to this equipment by providing the  ball handling drills necessary for players to develop an all-round game.  There is a set of 6 x A2 size posters with 9 drills on each poster. 

Examples of drills and Illustrations:

Other Services Include:

• Basketball Crazy Individual or Team training sessions specifically written for yourself as a player or your team that you have agreed to coach.

Much More To Come
Help us help you. The more people that become involved with Basketball Crazy, the more development and resources will become available. Part proceeds from the website, products and services will go towards future development of services and resources to benefit basketball including support for those clubs and associations that create the greatest interest in our website. Please forward this newsletter onto coaches, team mates, family and friends and allow them to benefit as well.

Your feedback is most welcome: Contact Us

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