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Website Introduction

This Website has been developed as a self improvement resource for players, parents, spectators, referees and coaches at all levels.

This basketball website can be your key to establishing basketball success.

Players, parents, spectators, referees and coaches look to the elite players and coaches for direction for ways to improve their knowledge, skills and techniques. This website provides an alternative means by which you can realistically achieve a significant degree of knowledge, improvement and success in basketball.  This website has been designed not only for existing players, referees and coaches, but for people new to the game who want to become competitive, be it by playing, referring, spectating or coaching.

The amount of improvement which can be gained from this website is limited only by your own interest and application. Once you have acquired a level of competence, it can be continuously researched and updated to consolidate and improve your skill level which you have worked hard to achieve.

Remember this: If it is going to be, Then it is up to me

This website give you a resource to know more about the game. 

Please note: Every month something is added to the website related to basketball development.  There is much still to be explored and included on the website however, there is already years of work and research put in to provide and existing resource for those people crazy about the sport.

1.  Basketball Knowledge

This chapter provides basic information about this website and basketball in general including: website membership, basketball dimensions, basketball dictionary, basketball history, other interesting basketball links

2. Coaching Development

This chapter provides some different views on coaching philosophy and ideas on how a coach can develop their skills including; the makings of a coach, game coaching skills, training sessions programming and techniques, defensive development, offensive development,  established offensive plays, established defensive plays,  and a breakdown of the Basketball Australia's Core Curriculum.  Coaches and now assess players as a Level 1, 2 or 3 skilled player.  The Basketball Crazy assessment program is part of this Chapter.

3. Player Development

This chapter covers all the skills and attributes of becoming an all-round basketball player.  There is excellent information and illustrations on player passing and dribbling skills, player shooting skills and player stance & movement.  Players can now be assessed as a Level 1, 2 or 3 skilled player.  There are check listings for players to have a coach assess there technique and consistency.

4. Basketball Strategy

A broad look on how to take a strategic look at the game of basketball broken down into various parts of the game including; achieving effort areas,  creating player drills, defensive clues for man to man,  defensive clues for zone defence, offensive tips against man to man defence, offensive tips against zone defence, learning junior basketball, role of a player, surviving national junior championships and the best practice for a bench player.

5. Drills & Conditioning

Currently this chapter includes reference to Basketball Crazy's Ball Handling Drills which shows in great detail ball handling for improved touch and ball handling for improved dribble.  There are over 50 well illustrated ball handling drills for members to practice or use to coach with.  There are a number of team drills now available in this section to improve the basic skills of passing, shooting, dribbling, rebounding and much more.  There is also the opportunity to request a personalised team and individual training program

6. Psychology & Motivation

This chapter includes vital information to keep players and coaches focused on developing the skills and fitness and also to be aware of what is possible in the sport of basketball.  The information includes; player and coach career paths, mental preparation for success in players and coaches, outside Influences on players and coaches, information on basic nutrition,  and motivation material.   There are numerous book reviews showing some of the best motivational books available to athletes. 

7. Player Opportunities

This chapter provides information on the many opportunities that can be considered by basketball players.  There is a substantial  subchapter on North American College Scholarships including what is required to obtain one and things the consider if offered a scholarship. 

The following web link shows every page on the website: 

All the Basketball Crazy Website Page Listings

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